Maria Angelica Vanni


Continue to be a leader in manufacturing, distribution and logistics in the packaging sector in the country, with high standards of innovation excellence and recognition in the domestic market.

Deliver a comprehensive service in the area of disposable packaging, food handling, cleanliness and hygiene.


Provide our customers with effective solutions to facilitate the handling, preservation, presentation and transportation of their products.


María Angélica Vanni is constantly innovating in raw materials, machines and inductions to our personnel, to offer products of last generation, that respond to the requirements of the market.

Human Resources

All the progress and development that the company María Angélica Vanni has achieved over time, is due to the principles that have marked the action of all its efforts, the excellence in the development of its products, the commitment established with the market And in particular with its customers, by contributing day by day with new and better solutions in the heading of disposable containers for food and other purposes.

The presentation of new goals and challenges, endorse the leadership that we have achieved over the years and with real coverage, which covers practically the whole country, bearing our seal of quality and excellence, ensuring a greater capacity to respond to The constant demand of our countless customers.

All the successes achieved to date have been made possible thanks to the effort of a 100% committed human team with the company’s objectives and its clients.


Stores throughout Chile, Our stores have specialized staff who are constantly trained to advise you on your requirements.

Distribution Warehouses throughout Chile, to ensure a permanent stock and delivery times.

Fleet of vehicles we dispatch without costs and with a capacity of 10 m2 to 11 mts. Whether in box format or palletised according to the needs of your business.

Associated Brands

Large companies value our management and commitment, which allows us to offer the best brands in the national and international market to optimize their purchasing, saving and service management throughout the country.